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    As women are disturbed by their external appearance, they tend to have aesthetic surgery. Women,who want to look better because they are the same,may also want to perform aesthetic surgery. Depending on such basic motives, there are some important points that women who tend to have aesthetic surgery should know about aesthetics.

    At the same time, women needing aesthetics also might need lateral procedures in order to increase their motivation in this area. There are many aesthetic operations,such as;nose surgery, facial aesthetic, ear aesthetic, abdominal aesthetic and easy-do back ups like mesotherapy and PRP.

    According to the International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), there is an increase of 7 percent in face aesthetics (brow lift, ear aesthetic, neck stretching, rhinoplasty) operations, 11 percent in breast operations and 8 percent in all body operations worldwide.

    Research also gives information about the aesthetic surgery in Turkey. That is what the 8th country out of 10 is.In the most demanded surgical aesthetic operations list in this country, Rhinoplasty conquers the top spot . Other operations are as follows:

    The most performed aesthetic operations that require surgical treatment in Turkey;

    • Nasal aesthetics/Nose Job/Rhinopalsty
    • Breast augmentation
    • Liposuction
    • Eyelid surgery
    • Fat injection

    • How is aesthetics being done?
    • Expectations After Aesthetic Operations
    • Do Men prefer Aesthetics?
    How is aesthetics being done?

    Before any opertaion,the patient gets medically exemined by the physician who is going to perform the surgery.After the discussion about being whether eligible or not for the whole procces,the patient and doctor decide on the line of actions they will be executing.Then everthing starts right after obtaining the results of tests and examinations.

    With the increased role of social media in our lives, people can achieve to be micro-celebrities within a short period of time from social media accounts. The shortest way to be famous in this way is to have a more beautiful appearance by going through aesthetic operations. Some cosmetic surgery can be decided and applied in a short time. Some must be spreaded to a wide range periods of time. Priority is given to individual’s plans and programs.An operation is organized in this way.

    Expectations After Aesthetic Operations

    Women’s decision-making processes can vary. A woman can accelerate this process with the emergence of some triggering reasons after long years of predicting for an aesthetic operation. In general, the regions in which women perform aesthetics are certain. Nose and small chest complaints are the most common complaints. After birth, sagging problems are encountered. In later ages, deformations from the face of the person become the source of complaint.

    The most important thing here is the expectation of the person who will undergo any aesthetic operation and the appearance that can occur after the operation. Your physician will inform you in this regard, but you also need to insist on this. If we consider nasal aesthetics, the nasal shape should be preferred according to the facial features. An aesthetic that will not be in line with your face line will cause you to feel even worse afterwards.

    Do Men prefer Aesthetics?

    Research has shown that 80 percent of the people who underwent endoscopic surgery were women. The remaining 20 percent is not a bad rate.If we put aesthetic surgeries aside,there is a significant popuation of man who spend more time and money on their external apperance as well as care.which is a well-known today’s fact.

    Men are generally more conscious about this topic.The reason of men having any aesthetic surgery is slightly different then women’s.With female patients,usually emotions are what affect the desicion of the individual.However,this line of steps will be on the physical side for men.A great amount of male patients will focus on the apparence rather than how they feel about it.Therefore,it is seen that this kind of characters are able to expess themselves more clearly compared to others.

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