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    When Breast aesthetics are mentioned,the breast enlargement surgery is what comes to mind first. But breast aesthetics are not limited to enlargement. There are women who are uncomfortable with being small, as well as those who are uncomfortable with large, and in such cases, minimizing operations take place.

    This issue may limit movement of the person and put her in need of reduction when there is a risk of causing a health hazard. Apart from this, many aesthetic operations such as breast aesthetics and nipple aesthetics can be performed. Sometimes it can even cause the sizes of the two nipples to vary.

    Breast aesthetics is an application that can be recommended especially at the age of 18. During the enlargement operation, many values ​​of the person are handled. The size, weight, and structure of the patient will be considered and the appropriate measures will be determined by experts to execute.

    This operation is performed by inserting the silicone into the empty space under the muscle. If it is deemed appropriate during operation,lifting can take place in operations as well. Since silicons is applied to the empty space, they do not affect the breast tissue and create problems in the proper functioning of the milk ducts.

    • Why is breast aesthetics done?
    Why is breast aesthetics done?

    When breast reduction operations are generally considered, they are requested because they cause disproportion or health problems in the body. Due to its weight, it may cause pain in the back and neck region. Depending on how the mammary gland is taken, the traces that remain will vary. These marks may only be rounded at the tip of the nipple, a line descending down from the tip of the nipple.

    Breast lifting is a method used for sagging situations. It is fairly normal for sagging during weight-bearing and gestational periods, and breast lifting is one of the simplest methods. This operation may vary according to the breast structure. It may be necessary to fix the surplus that has formed in the width or length of the breast. This procedure can be reinforced with implants if desired.

    Another breast operation is performed when the two nipples are not of equal size. It is normal for both nipples not to hang on the same scale. This can be resolved by comparing the seemingly unhealthy breast to the healthy-looking breast. The smaller breast may be enlarged and the larger breast may be smaller.

    What is important here is to be able to make the correct determination. The prosthesis can be used to enlarge the smaller and more prolapsed breast, or the solution can be achieved by simple applications such as fat injection.

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