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    “The smallness of your breasts affects everything from incompatibility to general outlines of your body to the choice of clothes.”

    One of the most popular and most satisfying surgeries currently performed by women is breast augmentation with silicone. Breast tissue may shrink due to reasons,such as; pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, or may not reach a sufficient size as a result of developmental stress.

    In such cases it is possible to create a fuller, bigger, more aesthetically pleasing breast by attempting to enlarge and plump up the smaller breast. This enlargement can be done with the most suitable silicone breast prostheses.

    Breast augmentation surgery is an extremely safe and reliable procedure nowadays. It has been determined by many scientific researches that breast prosthesis does not cause cancer. In these investigations, patients were followed for a long time interval of 20 to 30 years. The results showed that the incidence of breast cancer in patients with breast prosthesis was not much different from that of normal women, or even slightly lower. Breast prosthesis can be applied to every lady after 18 years of age.

    Today, operations are based on polymer-based silicones that are chemically harmless and do not cause cancer. In our hospital; highly safe prostheses that do not cause any allergic reaction, have no toxic effects, contain cohesive gels, and are extensively velvety round or water drop shaped.

    Breast – breast enlargement surgery is to increase breast volume with breast prostheses placed under the muscle tissue. This intervention is applied structurally for small breasts or for shrunken and hollow breasts after birth.

    Your doctor will then tell you about other variables that will influence the decisions about the operation, such as the skin covering the rib cage and the status of the mammal tissue. With the cases of these problems,the surgeon might decide to do other surgeries to reshape the breasts in addition to enlargement.

    There are several surgical approaches to breast enlargement. The most commonly used technique is to make a 3 cm cut in submergence intersection of the lower part of the breast to the rib cage to insert the silicons.Mostly this technique is preferred in our hospital.

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