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    Pain-free and safe surgery with the help of a person with various medications to prevent pain occurs with anesthesia. The anesthesiologist (team) prevents the person from experiencing pain during the surgery and provides an environment where the operating surgeon can work properly.

    In Dora Hospital, patients who undergo any surgical intervention, successful anesthesia techniques and experienced team are able to go to bed or home without any pain after the operation. Anesthesia applications of General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Hand Surgery and Microsurgery, Ear – Nose – Throat, Urology and Eye Departments are performed by experienced anesthesiologists on these subjects. Peridural (Epidural) anesthesia it is applied.

    Anesthesia doctors, even if the surgery is performed with local anesthesia, follow all vital functions during the surgery and intervene when necessary. The first condition for safety in performing the operations is the evaluation of the patient by the anesthesiologist before the operation. The most appropriate anesthesia method is applied to the patient undergoing these processes and the risks are minimized.

    The pre-operative evaluation of the health status of our anesthesia physicians:
    * General screening of chronic diseases, primarily heart, cardiovascular and anesthesia
    * Allergic conditions
    * Drugs used
    * Habits like alcohol use and smoking
    * Learning of previous surgeries
    After the decision of anesthesia is applied, it is shared with the patient and detailed information is given to the patient about the appropriate anesthesia method.

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