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Ophthalmology Policlinic is the mainstay of preventive medicine. Regular eye examination once a year is extremely important for avoiding eye diseases and taking necessary precautions. The ophthalmology unit maximizes the speed and ease of treatment by following technological developments.

The eyes are undoubtedly one of the most important organs. When they do not perform their functions, their connections with the world are severely disrupted. Even a person whose eyes have lost their function may fall into a situation in which they need the help of others even if they do their daily very simple work. Therefore, the branch of medicine that deals with eye diseases is considered to be very important and is supported by a large number of sub-branches.

In addition to utilizing the latest developments in technology in eye diseases, computerized and automatic devices are used in routine examinations. In the routine eye examinations, computerized eye number and eye pressure measurement, visual acuity (near and far) examination with automatic devices and eyeglasses are examined, as well as the examination of the eyelids, eye muscles and the eye wall.

Dora Hospital The Department of Ophthalmology is a unit that makes effective use of technological facilities as much as possible. Advanced methods such as computed tomography of the eye are also used during the diagnosis phase. In the treatment stage, eye angiography or laser treatment may be applied. These methods can be applied in retinal diseases due to diabetes or hypertension. In addition, various surgical and medical treatment methods are used.

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