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Plastic and reconstructive surgery is the correction surgery of all congenital and postoperative disorders. It’s probably more possible to say that; disorders of all structures in our body, from hair to toe.

Areas of interest in plastic and reconstructive surgery are;
* Facial shape disorders
* Asymmetries
* Congenital masses
* Rare face crevices
* Popular among the rabbit lips, wolf mouth known as cleft lip and palates
* Mouth-face-jaw surgery
* Deformations of the chin and facial bones
* Nasal defects-tumors-ruptures
* Salivary gland problems
* Congenital all tumors
* Mole/Nevus
* Vascular diseases
* Bone and soft tissue injuries of the face and their resulting disorders
* Head and neck tumors
* Absence of breast
* Have asymmetry or excess breast
* Replacement of breast after cancer
* Large breast in man
* Congenital anomalies of the genital organs
* Repairs of genital organs
* Sewing of broken organs
* Chest and abdominal wall defects
* All diseases of hand surgery
* Shortcomings in hand and foot
* Deformities
* Nerve problems in the arm and leg
* Skin and soft tissue tissue
* Treatment of all defects and marks of the burns
* Wounds in the skin and subcutaneous area with various infection-radiation or other effects
* Non-healing pressure ulcers or canal vascular failure
* Wounds such as foot wounds due to diabetes

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