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Breast augmentation, which is also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure with the aim of increasing the size of a patient’s breast. The breasts are reshaped and enlarged by using breast implants. As part of preparation for breast augmentation surgery, several factors need to be considered. 

The process under which breast enlargement surgery is performed is largely dependent on the goals of the patient, as there are many different options to consider. Some patients seek to have their bust line made smaller while others wish to make it larger with more volume.  A diet plan must be followed before and after this procedure. It includes maintaining healthy diet rich in nutrients and vitamins and getting sufficient amount of sleep.

The aim of this article is to highlight some of these factors, as well as give advice on how a patient can get a good night’s sleep after breast augmentation surgery.

Sleeping on your back with your head raised

Sleeping on your back with your head raised is the most common way to sleep after breast augmentation. It is also recommended by most plastic surgeons who perform breast augmentation. Sleeping in this position will allow you to breathe easier while you are sleeping and will decrease the amount of pain you have during the first few days after surgery.

You do not need a pillow to sleep on your back, but if you find it more comfortable than using a pillow, then use one that is firm enough to support your head and neck but soft enough not to irritate your breasts or cause discomfort.

Sleeping on the side

Sleep on your back for the first week after surgery. This will help to minimize swelling, which can be uncomfortable. If you sleep on your stomach, there is a higher risk of developing a hematoma (a blood clot) that may require surgical removal. Also, sleeping on your stomach can cause implants to shift or move out of position. If you must sleep on your side, place two or three pillows under the arm on the side of the surgery and another pillow between your legs at night.

Sleeping on Your Back For 2 Weeks After Surgery

For two weeks after breast augmentation surgery, avoid sleeping on your back. As mentioned above, this will help minimize swelling but also helps prevent implant malpositioning (shifting or moving out of position). If you must sleep on your back during this time frame (because you are traveling), place two or three pillows under the arm on the side of the surgery and another pillow between your legs at night.

How can I prepare to sleep on my back if I am not used to it?

Sleeping on your back is the easiest position for your breast implants. It helps to make sure that your breasts are properly positioned and will not shift in any way. While sleeping on your back is the easiest, it may be uncomfortable for some people.

There are many ways to help you get used to sleeping on your back if you are not used to it:

Get a good pillow – a firm pillow that supports your head and neck in a neutral position can help keep your spine straight and prevent excessive curvature of the spine (scoliosis).

Use a body pillow – a body pillow can provide support for both sides of the body, which helps to maintain spinal alignment while sleeping on your back. You will also find that they are easier than regular pillows to adjust throughout the night as needed.

Take medication – If pain persists or becomes worse over time, talk with your doctor about taking medications such as Tylenol or ibuprofen before bedtime to help reduce swelling and irritation around the breast implants.

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