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    Today, great improvements have been made in the field of aesthetic treatments. It is possible to perform aesthetic interventions without any need for surgery and without the use of a scalpel. In this area called medical aesthetics, very successful results can be obtained and the patient can have a new appearance very quickly.

    Which procedures include medical aesthetics?

    Medical aesthetics usually include subcutaneous injections, non-surgical face lift procedures, botox, skin rejuvenation, fracture treatment, skin blemishes, mesotherapy for hair loss, cellulite treatment, and regional thinning.

    Sometimes a session and sometimes performed in several sessions, as well as in the world,it is very popular in our country. Medical aesthetic applications, which allow patients to recover parts that they find defective in their body without using scalpel and without going under a surgical psychology, are easily performed without causing any pain and discomfort.

    These applications sometimes work alone, sometimes they are given to the patient in support of a number of surgical aesthetic operations. The most important phenomenon that should be known about medical aesthetics which has a close relationship with aesthetic surgery is that it will never replace aesthetic surgery. Because with aesthetic surgery,more precise and durable solutions are produced, medical aesthetics and in some cases, temporary solutions are offered.

    For example, botox application can eliminate wrinkles on the skin for a long time. However, when this period ends, the appearance of wrinkles will reappear. In this case, you need to renew the botox application. But surgery in plastic surgery offers definitive solutions.

    • What to Consider When Making Medical Aesthetics?
    • How Medical Aesthetics Applications Work?
    What to Consider When Making Medical Aesthetics?

    Medical aesthetics is easy and advantageous. However, if it is not done consciously and carefully, a situation that can reach extremely severe consequences may occur. It is important that the doctors who will carry out these practices are educated persons who are experts in the field of medical aesthetics.

    Nowadays, there are many aesthetic centers and many people who introduce themselves as medical aesthetists. It is necessary to know that these people are not real experts. It is best to have the medical aesthetic practices in the well-known esthetic centers.

    If a patient has decided to practice medical aesthetics, the procedure to be performed, however simple it should be, should choose the center of aesthetics and make a serious research before.

    How Medical Aesthetics Applications Work?

    In medical aesthetics,different approches will take place depending on the problematic spot.For instance,mesotherapy will be injected into the hair roots with other elimentary ingredients if the patient suffers from hair loss.Several treatments may be executed on a problem of cellulite to cure the displeasing look.These mentioned lines of steps exist in the purpose of putting an end to dirt and fat right under the skin tissue.Messages are very beneficial in this sense.

    Patients who undertake these practices do not have to behave as if they are prepared for a surgical operation. In fact, today’s people who work quite intensively are going out of work in the launch break and going to a center of aesthetics, making these applications and returning to the work in the morning,afternoon,evening are higly easy. Thanks to extremely simple methods, it has become very easy to flourish.

    People who will use medical aesthetic methods should report to the specialist if they have any discomfort and a drug they use continuously. These methods, which are not strictly recommended during pregnancy and lactation, are not safe for people with heart, liver and kidney problems. In addition, patients who receive chemotherapy and radiotherapy are advised to consult with their physician and have these treatments done.

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