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In general, radiofrequency slimming method is a method of attenuation by heat. With this system, the radio waves are directed to the body and the water molecules are activated and a heat is generated by the produced energy.

Sufficient heat is given to the treated area. This is a temperature of about 40 degrees the first time. The lower part of the skin reaches a temperature of almost 50 degrees at this point. This rising temperature and reach do not cause any harm to the person or the skin. In this way, only water molecules are activated. It is a system based on the melting of fats by interfering with the fat tissues with high temperature water content.

Thanks to this system, the fat tissues break down and these fats are discharged from the body and the person is saved from excess weight. In addition, collagen tissues that do not have much function anymore are destroyed and replaced by vivid, new collagen tissues. In addition, it helps to make the connective tissue more active, which allows the skin to create a tense skin.

As a result, new collagen forms. Excess fatty tissues in the body are disintegrated and discharged from the body by blood. In addition, it allows skin tissues to accelerate more quickly and help the skin to regain new and taut skin.

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