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Oral health is directly related to the health of the teeth. As healthy teeth means health, health should always be taken into consideration and the steps for care should not be forgotten. Dental care should not be the only tooth brushing. To clean teeth with dental floss and from harmful foods such as; It will protect the dental health while staying away from acidic beverages.

It is enough to pay attention to these details in order for the teeth to have a life long usage time and not to rot. But most people in our country ignore these steps and go to the dentist only when there is a problem, not for control.

Dentists serve not only to fix problems but to prevent problems before they occur. For this reason, checks should be made every 6 months and it should be learned whether there is a problem. A dental problem that can occur through these routine checks will be detected early and treated immediately. In this way, irreversible treatments such as tooth extraction will not be required.

When the existing decay in the tooth is detected early, it is possible to recover the tooth with dental treatments such as canal or filling treatment. But when the tooth reaches a level that cannot be saved, a compulsory tooth extraction will be done and the tooth will be completely pulled.

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